• Better understand the changes your body is going through in each stage of your pregnancy

  • Fine tune the nutrients your body needs for healthy development

  • Learn how you can be supported in each trimester with nutrition and herbs to get you and your baby ready for your birthing experience

  • Learn what remedies can assist you during the birth

  • Empower yourself through knowledge and support so you feel as prepared as you can be physically, mentally, and emotionally for this next stage in your life

  • Receive postpartum care and support with house visits from Dr. Sonya Jensen ND


The journey through pregnancy is one that is unique for every woman. To nurture is a part of who we are, and as women it can sometimes be easier to nurture those around us before ourselves. Pregnancy is a time where taking care of yourself can directly influence the health and wellness of your child, it is a time for you to get to know yourself and what you need to stay balanced and healthy.


THE FIRST TRIMESTER is a time of rest and building. Your body, mind, and emotions are all adjusting to this new state of being while welcoming a new life and creating space for it to grow. Here the theme is to listen! Listen to your body, listen to your emotions and listen to your mind. What is it that you need, crave and desire for yourself. We will help you fine tune what nutrients you need and require for this stage and teach you ways to keep your energy up while you are busy create another human being!


THE SECOND TRIMESTER is known as the “honeymoon phase”, your energy is up and you feel like you can do anything! As every pregnancy is different so are the stages for each woman, while some have no complications, others have to deal with high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, constipation etc. We can support you naturally and effectively to make your pregnancy as comfortable as possible.


THE THIRD TRIMESTER is a time for preparation and nesting. Your body knows just what to do and we are here to support you through this transition into the birthing stage. We will teach you about the different stages to expect, remedies you can take for ease, and herbs you can take to prepare the uterus for the birth. As important as it is to prepare the body physically, even more important is the emotional work to create stability for the change that is to come.


We see the need for support for new mothers and as a part of your program, Dr. Sonya Jensen will be making 2 house visits to ensure your recovery is going well. The first few weeks of motherhood whether it is your first child or not, can be life altering and amazing at the same time. Having someone to talk to and knowing there is someone thinking about your health and wellbeing is absolutely necessary for a new Mother. Happy and Healthy Mothers create Happy and Healthy children!

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