My Why

I believe happiness is your birthright, and as Women leading our families and communities we have the power to create great change. That change starts with us. Take care of yourself, love yourself, and BE YOURSELF and watch the world shift right in front of your eyes!


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How I Can Help You

I FREE WOMEN. Freedom from beliefs that hold you back. Freedom from limiting patterns that prevent you from being happy, freedom from health concerns that stop you from living, and freedom to just be YOU, because YOU ARE ENOUGH! 


are your hormones driving you crazy?

It's not just in your head. There are answers!

You can't get well unless you detox the cell!

Everything depends on the cell, if they don't work nothing works!

Fertility and pregnancy

A safe place where you can feel heard and supported. That is what helps a growing family.

healthy and vital children start here

We can shape the future through our children, teach them today and change tomorrow!

Dr Sonya's 3 C's to   Success

 Courage to be Vulnerable 

 Commitment to your Truth 

 Congruency in all that you do 


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Sore Muscles and Anxiety- What is the Connection??

June 26, 2018

Spring into Energy-You need it and deserve it!

April 5, 2018

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