Spring into Energy-You need it and deserve it!

One of the most common complaints we hear in our practice is fatigue. Parents don’t have enough energy to play with their kids, business owners don’t have enough energy to run their business, others don’t have enough energy to go out and make new experiences and connect, and many with just a general feeling of blah.

What is energy and how do we get our hands on it?! Energy is the strength and vitality needed in order to perform a task or job. It comes from a series of conversions and transformations that allow the cells to utilize the signals they receive from hormones, vitamins, and minerals to perform the necessary work.

The Mitochondria has the biggest role in energy production. It is known as the powerhouse of the cell and is in charge of cellular respiration. Essentially it acts as the digestive system, receiving and utilizing nutrients to produce energy molecules to distribute to the cells, organs, and muscles.

What affects energy production?

1. Toxins

Heavy metals, pesticides, round up, stress, parabens, EMF, phthalates, and the list could go on. Everyday we are surrounded by toxins that disrupt the communication between hormones and nutrients with the cell, therefore inhibiting the right information from getting to the mitochondria.This sluggish communication inhibits the production of the ATP (energy) creating a sluggish environment and causing feelings of fatigue.

2. Inflammatory Foods and Food Sensitivities

Our food can either be our nourishment or our poison. The good news is the which one we choose is up to us, the bad news is that food today, even the good stuff doesn’t have the same amount of nutrients as it perhaps did 50 years ago. If your Immune System is consistently tagging the food you eat as a foreign invader because ofall the chemicals it may have, or the genetic modification it has gone through, or perhaps it’s a food your body can not process, this creates an inflammatory state making it harder to absorb the nutrients needed to produce the energy you need to actively participate in life.

3. Mindset, Patterns and Beliefs

In yogic teachings there are 3 minds that are talked about, the positive, the negative, and the neutral. As a result of our environment and upbringing we may have one mind that is dominant over the others. Most of us tend to have a dominant negative mind, its primary function is to protect us and is fueled by fear. When in a chronic state of fear and survival we are using up all of our bodies resources to stay in this fight or flight state leaving less energy for healing or for simple daily tasks.

How can you Change your Energy Levels?

1. Targeted Detox- It starts in the home

Look at your daily routine. From the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed, what toxins are you exposed to? The moment we wake up we begin to lather the body with toxic personal care products and throughout the day are exposed to various different toxins from the environment, our food, and our home. Assess your exposure, get tested for heavy metals, molds, food sensitivities, etc to find out what type of support your body needs.

2. Eat Organic! Eat Green! Eat Less! Eat Non-GMO!

By intermittent fasting or block fasting you give your cells a break from having to focus on digesting and mobilizing food, but instead give the cells the opportunity to heal by getting rid of the bad cells through autophagy. This creates efficient energy production and fuels your body.

By eating organic and Non –GMO food you avoid pesticides and glyphosate which drive toxins deeper into our cells allowing clearer communication between the nutrients and the mitochondria.

3. Breathe, Yoga, Change your relationship with stress

Your breath is your life force and it is the key to mobilizing your nutrients in your body along with your lymphatic system. By utilizing your breath you reduce stress hormones and can shift out of that survival flight or flight state to create an environment your body can thrive in. This then results in more clarity and energy.

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