Are your Hormones Driving you Crazy?!

Whether you are having afternoon tea or going for a run with your girlfriends some how or another the topic of hormones always comes up. One may complain about cramping and mood swings, while another about not losing weight no matter what she has tried. Hormones affect every aspect of our life, from our intimate ( or lack there of) relations with our partners to the inability to cope with the stresses of today's world. Everyone you know has some sort of imbalance that affects their life everyday.

So why is this so common? Why in today's world has complaining about anything from our monthly cycle to our transition through menopause become a norm. Many patients will come in and I will ask them how their cycle is, the response I usually get is, "oh you know the normal stuff, cramping, bloating, breast tenderness, clots!". This ladies, is not normal! It has become normal from the commercials for anti-inflammatory and pain relief medication now marketed towards women, and the lack of education for young women about their hormones and how they actually work for you and not against you. This is your body telling you a story of your body to see where the imbalance is coming from. It can be anything from heavy metals to past infections to your digestion.

One of the most common reasons we see the body getting into such an imbalanced state is Estrogen Dominance, which again is the not the cause but a result of something deeper and now a catalyst for other things to go wrong. This is a term given to a state in the body where the ratio between Estrogen and Progesterone is not balanced, leaving estrogen unopposed. This leads to symptoms such as...

Weight Gain

Low levels of thyroid hormones


irregular menstrual cycles

decreased sex drive

brain fog


This also makes transitioning through peri-menopause and menopause challenging leading to symptoms such as...

Hot flashes

night sweats



vaginal dryness

low libido

Although hormones are a piece if the puzzle when getting your health back on track, it is THE piece that create the foundation for you to feel like yourself again!

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