Unshakable Woman

2018 in terms of numerology adds up to the number 2. This number represents a yin energy, peace,unity and togetherness. As Oprah says, " A new day is on the horizon", that day begins with us, the Women of this world-Resilient, Steady and Brave. Now the question to ask is how? How can we influence or create change in today's world that is full of tragedy, pain, fear, and hate. There are friends competing with friends, family disengaging from family, and humans dehumanizing other humans. So how do we in the midst of the chaos be the steady grounding force that our loved ones can lean on? It starts with self love. It starts with having the courage to put yourself first, it starts with identifying what is important to you and committing to it and it starts with being congruent in all areas of you life. So as we fully engage with 2018 lets together make a commitment, lets commit to waking up everyday to choose better, to choose joy, and to choose to be the best version of ourselves. Now I'm not saying you won't have days that feel low, or days where things just aren't going your way, or days where you just want to hide in a little hole and wait for it to be all over, what I am saying is that in those moments choose yourself, choose to honour what you're feeling and make a decision that will serve your higher purpose. You, Unshakable Woman are the key to changing and elevating the world we live in. It is a tall order yes, but it is one you can handle. Think about it, life starts with us, whether you are a Mother or not you as a Woman are constantly creating. A simple thought or prayer from you can effect the entire world, so let's start thinking the good ones!

#youareworthit #womanshealth #courage

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