Good Bugs, Bad Bugs, and More Bugs!

Did you know? For every 1 human cell, we have 10 bacterial cells, and for every 1 gene, we have 150 bacterial cells. So we ask the question- are they part of our environment or are we a part of theirs?

So what does this mean for you and your family? The foundation of our microbiome is determined by a few different factors. Factors such as genetics, our Mother's diet and lifestyle, her age at conception, where we live, and for the purpose of this article we will focus on our birth and our first few years on this Earth.

We have all heard the benefits of probiotics and their contribution to our immune system. What you may not have known is that depending on whether you were a vaginal birth, unplanned C section, or a planned C section, breast fed or formula fed, the bacterial make up of your microbiome will differ greatly.

Studies have shown that those born via C Section have an increase risk of developing Celiac, Type 1 Diabetes, asthma, and obesity. Diversity of the microbiome is also altered when formula fed over breast fed. Those that have a planned C section have shown to have more Lactobacillus Species in their breast milk compared to unplanned or vaginal births that have more Bifidobacterium. What this tells us is that these changes will then alter how our immune system responds to the outside world.

We live in an over sanitized world which has deprived our children of the diversity they need to build and maintain an optimal immune system. We all know that the over use of antibiotics knocks out the bad bugs and good bugs, what isn't talked about is the amount of hand sanitizers, house hold cleaners, and the need to keep the environment and kids clean has also killed the good bug

s leaving them more susceptible to getting sick more often and longer.

By no means is this article stating that any birth is wrong or one way is right, it is to bring awareness to ours and our children's foundation so we can make informed choices about our health today to live happier and healthier lives.

Top 3 Tips to keep the Microbiome strong and diverse

1. Let them get dirty! Let them "drink" dirt!

A great book and a true statement. By letting our children play in the dirt and expose themselves to different flora we diversify and strengthen their immune system. A product called Restore which in our house is referred to as "dirt water", helps to diversify your bacteria and in turn strengthen your immune system

2. Targeted Therapy

Each stage of growth from infancy to adulthood requires different strains of bacteria. Depending on your stage and your lifestyle you will need to have a targeted approach to find the right strains for you.

3. Our bugs need food too!

Prebiotics are essential for our good bugs to get the job done, and for their production with in our gut. Breast Milk contains specific oligosaccharides that promote the growth of the good guys. A diet rich in vegetables and fibres also feed the good bugs. Lastly variation, eat with the seasons. Our external ecosystem matches the internal, eating seasonally promotes health in all areas.

This is a little insight into the information you will get at our upcoming event.....FLU IS NOT A SEASON!




Join Dr Sonya Jensen ND of Divine Elements Health Centre and

Dr Rozeela Nand DC of Innate Chiropractic & Wellness Centre for this fun night of immune boosting tips!

Both moms of young kids, these two know what it is like to have sick kids and have the tools to help their children stay vital and healthy through this time of year! They want to share these tips with you!!

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