“To be who you have never been and get what you have never had, you must become who you have never been and do what you have never done”
-Gilles LeMarche

Ask yourself this...

What is my why?

What kind of life do I want?

What is important to me?

What could I accomplish with the right support?

In our 10 year journey as Naturopathic Physicians we have come to understand some very interesting phenomenon about people and overall health. We first became doctors as a way to understand more about ourselves and in the process learn tools to be able to help as many people as possible. Early on in our career we had big ideas of how the treatments we performed would heal every patient we saw. Over time, we realized that there was very little that we “did” that created the change. We started seeing a pattern where certain patients did well with our programs, while others did not. Interestingly enough it was the ones that followed the program, were more regular with visits and turned the coaching into a habit that were able to create lasting changes.



We realized that healing wasn’t always smooth and easy and that it was more of a process like peeling the layers of an onion. It was a mindset shift in knowing there was a deeper process at play and that masking symptoms and yearly check-ins are not enough to get to a true state of health. Through our own healing pains we have come to realize that it is the decision, the commitment and then the discipline that go the distance to create a state of lasting health in the body. The journey that each of us went on personally and continue to navigate is the journey we will walk together with you. We call this “Live it to Lead it”. In order to pass success on and mentor individuals we have had to


Never Give Up!

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Detox your cell to get well!

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Ancient Healing Practice

Dr Nick's 7 day fast journey

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Why you NEED to be a Platinum….


- You have decided that you are important enough

- You want to thrive in life not just live it

- You want to change your mindset and beliefs to promote success and wellness

- You want to commit to something and then take action on it to create positive feedback which then creates lasting changes in all areas of your life

- You want a detailed plan of action, integration and consistency for lasting changes

- You want to create habits that add value to your life

- You know if you commit big the results are big

- You know if you invest in yourself it is the most important investment you will make

As Tony Robbins says, “life is a gift and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more”



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