I Believe...

  • You are Worth it

  • It is your birthright to live a healthy and fulfilled life

  • One person can change the world

  • If you dream it, and you believe it, you will get it!

  • There is always a choice and you have the strength to make it

I believe that if I can play a role in igniting a Woman's potential in all parts of her life, through them, and together we will really begin to elevate our world. I am a Mom of two boys and everyday I am reminded that I am not perfect, not a perfect mom, not a perfect wife, not a perfect Doctor, and the list can go on. Now you may think I have a negative view on my worth or feel insecure about my roles that I play, however, I see it as a relief. So much of our time is spent living up to not only the standards of our family, our culture, and our careers, but also ourselves. 

Growing up as a first generation Indo-Canadian Woman things were not all rainbows and unicorns. There were many glass ceilings to break through and I broke through many! This however, is what has ignited in me my purpose and mission today.

My training as Doctor lead to me asking questions about everything. As I worked with patients in my training, it became apparent very quickly that in order to help others as they heal I must heal myself. This is where our philosophy of Live it to Lead it began. i had to make choices in my life that were congruent with what I was teaching, from the way I eat all the way to reassessing relationships that weren't right. This lead me a 2 year journey of self discovery in South East Asia, where I was able to explore my why, and how that why would impact the world.


Then comes Motherhood. My husband, Dr Nicholas Jensen and I then created out first baby in 2009, Divine Elements, a place where we would share all that we know to help others get their life back. However, as our two children do for us now, this first child, the clinic also showed us how imperfect we were and how much more learning there was and still is. This drives our constant hunger to want to learn everyday so we can serve you better.


 My two boys are my everything. I believe that our children do choose us and they may have come into this world as our children, but really they are our teachers. My first born, Kaiyn forced me to really find out who I AM, not who I have been expected to be, but the real, raw, no frills me. My second, Soryn, is who has ignited my fire to express that real me to the rest of the world. He taught me how challenge myself and become so vulnerable and transparent that it became crystal clear what my purpose today is. 


So... I am a daughter, a sister, a wife, a Mother, a Doctor, a friend, a teacher, a women's rights advocate, a business owner, a surfer, an innovator, and a creator. Most importantly.....


I free and ignite strength in Women and their Families so they can be the best version of themselves and live a healthy and fulfilled life!

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